Kelp Calligraphy

Kelp Calligraphy (detail).jpg

Shoreline, strandline
Rustling waves repeating over sand
Rolling, constant
Nearer and nearer
Carrying and dragging curls and curlicues
Knotted and tangled characters
Leaving unreadable messages for deciphering
Unread and unseen
Washing the message clean
Changing meaning with the changing tide
Always rewritten
Light and dark but constant
Urgent notes written on a gritty score
Played and moved by night
Sounds going unheard
Words unspoken
Under new light different stories emerge
Changed and reshaped by the wind
Daily documents witnessed by birds
Written on a sandy parchment
Punctuated by pebbles
A story retold in countless chapters
Transformed by wind and phases of the moon
Angry words left tangled together
Subdued and dissipated by quieter waters
Soothing sounds of foamy surf
Reassuring iterations of familiar fables
Worn smooth by rasping sand and water
Chronicling salty stories of the sea
The calligraphy of kelp